Let’s build your dream garden together!

In today’s fast paced world, we’re all looking for an oasis. Somewhere to relax and unwind from our stressful day-to-day living.

For many people, that sanctuary comes in the garden.

The velvety feel of the flowers as you brush their petals.
The pungent smell of herbs as you rub their leaves.

The cool dirt giving way as you dig in it, making way for new seedlings in your antique planter.
Driving home after a long day of working and being welcomed by beautiful shrubs and blossoms lining your flower beds.

RCB Gardens operates by a simple rule–
everyone can enjoy gardening!

From beginners choosing their first houseplants to Master Gardeners who want more exotic offerings, and all growers in between, we have what you need to find your planting bliss.

You’ll never feel rushed at RCB Gardens.

Take a walk on our paths and drink in the sights and sounds.

We offer one of the best selection of plants and garden decorations in the East Texas area.

Explore our selection of unique succulents and find a variety you’ve never seen before.
Ask questions and let our friendly employees help you find the best trees or sod for your yard.
We want to help you get your hands dirty and beautify your yard and home!

You want a retreat from the world.

RCB Gardens can help you grow.

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